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What is CBD?

All natural and safe plant extract.

CBD also known as cannabidiol is a major non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis. New scientific research is revealing it’s multifaceted healing properties as it continues to be studied for various ailments and conditions. There is an amazing intersection happening between modern science and holistic natural choices. Utilizing CBD and plant-based medicines can be a powerful way to take back responsibility for your own health, wellbeing and consciousness. Join the paradigm shift and learn how CBD can be integrated into your life!




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100% Natural

We seek the highest quality organic botanical ingredients available meaning it’s free of all contaminants such as pesticides, toxins and chemicals.



Our full-spectrum CBD hemp extract is triple tested through third-party labs for purity and strength. While most CBD on the market is about 60-70% pure, our sources are 99% pure, potent and effective.



We believe in environmentally responsible business practices and believe in leaving the least impact on the planet, utilizing recycled paper and glass and avoiding plastic as much as possible.