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What is CBD?

CBD is short for Cannabidiol, one of over a hundred chemical compounds called cannabinoids found naturally in the hemp and cannabis plants. It is the main chemical known for it’s medical properties. Hemp and marijuana are two different varieties found in the same plant species, cannabis sativa. Hemp and marijuana differ in cultivation and offer vastly different uses.

CBD is non-psychoactive and is 100% legal world wide and found in high percentages in the hemp plant. You don’t get “high” from CBD. 

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Aura uses organic products whenever possible and make sure to never use animal tested products. We try our best to make all of our products vegan. We also use the highest quality products blah blah blah


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We at AURA are built on the belief of people being able to buy quality products that help heal their body at an affordable price without sacrificing integrity. blah blah blah